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3-Gun Tactical Match


This type of match has the shooter shooting centerfire rifle, centerfire pistol, and shotgun (.410 or larger) at paper "bad guy," steel plates, and similar targets. In any given scenario, the shooter moves through an imaginary situation in which his life is placed in danger by the "bad guys." The scenario will vary from month to month, and will have a theme that practices real-life shooting and defensive skills. Examples of scenarios: exodus from a shopping mall overrun with terrorists, self defense at an ATM machine, Hollywood bank robbery, L.A. riots, home intruder, etc.

Sign-up starts at 8am and ends at 8:20am. Every shooter will help to set up the scenario we shoot that day, so please arrive on time. We will start shooting by 9am, and finish about 12 noon. All who want to are welcome to join us after the match for fellowship and dutch treat lunch at a nearby restaurant.

CCSC's 3 gun matches have several goals:
1)    Safety, first and foremost. Without it, we all lose.
2)    Fun for everyone, regardless of experience.
3)    Learning and practicing marksmanship, mindset, legal and prudent defensive tactics.
4)    Democracy and equality: So long as safety isn't compromised, all shooters have a voice, a vote, and responsibility to help out. Safe and sensible shooters are welcome.

Emphasis is placed on helping new, inexperienced, and "rusty" shooters and concealed carry (CCW) permit holders. If you don't have enough equipment, including guns, we will help accommodate you. See the match schedule for details and contact information.

3-gun Information




CCSC is located 1/4 of a mile East of Route 5 on Highway 25-B (Bypass Road). The gate will be unlocked at 7:45AM. Proceed to the pistol range’s “plate range”.


The match fee is $5.00 from each participant, and is due at sign in.

Sign in:

You may sign in only from 8:00 to 8:20AM. After that time, you are welcome to watch, but may not shoot in the match.


At 8:20AM, all shooters will be required to help set up the scenario. This involves the placing of cardboard boxes, steel plates, wood framed targets, and other lightweight props. The range officers will show you where to place items.


Everyone participates in putting the equipment away at the end of the match.


These safety rules apply at all times:
        1) Always keep your firearm pointed in a safe direction
        2) Always keep your finger off the trigger until your sights are on the target
        3) All firearms will be unloaded until it is your time to shoot the match
        4) No horseplay allowed.
        5) No rude or dangerous behavior toward other people will be tolerated.

Every attendee acts as a safety officer; if you see an unsafe act, shout out “cease fire” so the Range Safety Officer can address the situation and make the range safe again. If you are participating in the match, you may keep unloaded firearms on your person.

Shooting 3 gun involves thinking, reacting, moving, and running. It may cause stress. This match is only for those in good physical and mental health. No one under the age of 13 is permitted to shoot. All juniors must have a parent or guardian present at all times, or have written permission to be present.


We suggest you use lead or “ball” (full metal jacket) type ammo. Reliable, yet inexpensive, ammo is recommended. No tracer, exploding, armor piercing, or incendiary ammo is permitted. You will need a minimum of 30 rounds for handgun, 20 rounds for rifle, and 20 rounds for shotgun. We recommend you bring twice as much ammo, just in case. For shotguns, lead birdshot of #7, #8, or #9 size is needed. No slugs, buckshot, or birdshot of greater size than that specified is allowed because of berm damage concerns.


One of each type of gun (rifle, handgun, and shotgun) is required. Any centerfire rifle, handgun, or shotgun of any action type (autoloader, lever, bolt-gun, etc.)  using any sights (scope, iron, red dot, etc.) may be used. The appropriate type of firearm must be used in a given match (example: a handgun must be used in the handgun portion of the match). For the rifle match, a pistol-cartridge-firing carbine is acceptable (examples: 9mm AR15 or .44 Magnum lever action).
If you don’t have one or more of the guns needed, or if you just want to borrow someone else’s, we will have guns and equipment available for that purpose. There is no rental fee. However, you will be required to buy the ammo for the gun(s) you borrow at fair market prices. You may not use your own ammo in a borrowed gun, except with the prior approval of the owner.


Any belt or paddle type handgun holster of sound construction may be used. Use of magazine pouches and speedloader carriers is encouraged, along with using a sturdy belt. For rifle and shotgun, extra ammo may be carried in a bandolier, ammo belt, hip pouch, or similar carrier. If you don’t have your own, these items will be available for shooters to borrow at no charge. Bring what you have and we will supply your needs.

Scenario:    Each scenario involves a fictitious theme in which “bad guys” seek to harm you. As the shooter, you use your 3 guns (shot one at a time) to make it safely back home.


CCSC has regularly maintained porta-potties. Ample parking is available, but walking as much as 150 yards to the range may be necessary. Quick unloading and loading of equipment from your vehicle directly to the plate range is allowed until 8:20AM. All events take place outdoors. No snacks/vending, cooking, camping, electrical, or RV facilities are available. Cold water will be available at no charge. We recommend you bring folding chairs for you and your guests.


Steel plates, reactionary, and paper targets are used. Some targets have a human outline, some are round plates, others are water balloons. Scoring varies depending on type of target, and includes your time-to-complete. Details are available the day of the match. Each shooter will go through the scenario at least twice. If time permits, shooters may shoot more than twice. The score for the first 2 times through counts as your score for record.

The shooter’s score is added factoring in time, penalties, and marksmanship. His time (in seconds) from start to finish is the base score (ex: 109.5 seconds is a base score of “109.5"). Thus, speed is important. The lesser the score, the better the ranking. The shooter with the lowest score for the first two runs wins the match.

Marksmanship is also important. Each paper “bad guy” target has zones (see figure 1). Two shots are fired at each paper target. A shot to the A zone is a perfect shot and does not add any time to the overall score. A shot to the C zone adds 2 seconds. A shot to the D zone adds 3 seconds. A miss (on or off paper) adds 5 seconds.


We will finish shooting by lunchtime. After all the equipment is put away, all who want to will go to a local restaurant for lunch (dutch treat), after-action-review, and good fellowship.

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