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Cowboy hat (Ball caps not allowed).

Long sleeve work shirt (tee-shirts not allowed).

Jeans (shorts and designer fashions not allowed).                                                    

Boots (tennis shoes, running shoes etc not allowed).

Two single action revolvers.

Gun belt and Holsters.

Lever action rifle in pistol caliber (no 45-70s or 30-30s. Use 357, 44Mag 45LC etc).

Side by Side (SxS) shotgun (with extractors not ejectors*) or Winchester 97. 20, 16 or 12 ga.

Eyes. You MUST have eye-protection and that means some kind of glasses. Please be sure your glasses have side-protectors or are of the wrap-around type construction.

Ears. You MUST have hearing protection. Generally we recommend ear-plugs rather than the head-phones that a lot of high-power shooter prefer. The head-phones just don't go right with a Cowboy Hat. As we are shooting downloaded ammo you should be fine with ear-plugs.

All lead Cowboy ammo. Cowboy ammo must be ALL lead, nothing else. Copper-washed cast bullets NOT ALLOWED. Max. Vel. Pistol: 1,000 fps Rifle 1,400 fps. Shotgun: brin No.7 1/2 shot low-brass shells. DO NOT BRING MAGNUM OR HIGH BRASS SHELLS. Check with local club before using No.6 or No.4 shot.

*"Ejectors are spring-loaded and will throw the empty shells clear of your gun when you break it open. "Extractors" are not spring loaded and will only lift the empty shells up for manual removal.

Cowboy Action Etiquette:

1. Come on time, and try to arrive early to assist in setting up. Likewise, stay after to help tear down.

2. Pay attention during the Shooter's Meeting, donít spend that time talking with your buddies.

3. Put helping with posse chores over talking with your cronies.

4. Be willing to shoot in a rotation, donít whine about shooting first!

5. Accept misses and procedural penalties graciously. If you dispute a call, do so calmly and kindly.

6. Extend a hand to less experienced shooters

7. Respect the score-keeperís need to keep things in order and donít pester him/her to see other shooter's times.

8. Take each stage as it comes; donít wander off to see how the next stage is being shot.

9. Come to the loading table promptly when you are called.

10. Give the observers at the loading and unloading table time to properly verify the condition of your weapon. These people are our safety net!

11. Move crisply to the line and donít shadow-shoot the stage at the firing line.

12. Arrange your weapons and starting position to honor the intention of the stage directions without exploiting them to your own advantage
13. Donít belittle other shootersí short comings unless of course you are heckling them in good fun, but make sure itís fun.

14. Apply the rulebook first to yourself, before going on to quote the rules for everyone else.

15. Always seek the good of the game, and the good of all who participate in it


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