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Cleburne County  Shooting Club...   Membership 

See By-Laws Page for membership requirements

Type of Membership:
Senior ($75): ________ Business (Standard)($500): ______
Adult ($125): _______ Corporate Sponsorship ($5,000.00): _______
Law Enforcement($75):_______ Junior ($25): _
Business (Executive)($1,000): ______

For a Membership application  please email the Club Treasurer at the email address below. This is only for New memberships.      

Click for Membership Application

You will receive a PDF application via e-mail. Please include a Phone # if our Treasurer has any questions about your application.  

Annual Renewal Memberships will be handled via annual notification by e-mail or snail-mail for those without internet. Please keep the Club updated with any address changes ... Home & E-Mail!!


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