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MEMO from our Chief Range Officer - TO ALL MEMBERS:

Effective Immediately: CCSC existing rules will be enforced.

All members using the range must close and lock the gate behind them each time they enter and leave!
EXCEPTIONS: Not required during scheduled club events, i.e. scheduled Trap/Skeet; Fun Shoots; Club Meetings and similar events.

All members using the range must have proof of membership visible. The current membership card should be visibly worn. 

Persons using the range and not wearing their membership card will be asked for proof of membership. Spouses using the range without the paid member, should have either a photocopy or a digital picture of their spouses membership card.

Members will be present with guests at all times to vouch for the guests and will collect guest fees if applicable.

Non-members are subject to trespassing charges!

Regards, Willem DeBruijn (pronounced De-Brown)

Chief Range Officer




Gate Code Info: 

The gate code is changed from time to time in an effort to make sure that anyone entering the range is a current member. When we accept a new member, the code is sent to him/her in a welcome letter when the membership card is issued. For renewing members, no gate code is sent because a renewing member already has it.
When the code is changed, every current member will receive the new code about 2 weeks ahead of time, with the date that the change will take place. For members that we have an email address for, that notification will be by email. If you do not receive the new code, or lose the code, contact the Secretary at  The Secretary will verify your membership and send the code to you. The Secretary does not monitor our Facebook page, so email will be the fastest communication. Important: The gate code should never be given to anyone for any reason. Guest must be accompanied by a member at all times and should never be given the code. It is imperative that we maintain the security of our range in order to insure safety and prevent vandalism from trespassers.


Treasurer    (Contact Trea for membership questions!)

Web Master  (Contact WebMaster for general questions or website inputs/problems!) 

Arkansas Concealed Carry, Basic & Enhanced, License: Harold Williams - 501-206-6523



The entrance gate to the range has been found open several times in the last 2 weeks with no member at the range. It is your responsibility to be sure that the gate is closed and locked when you leave. We occasionally have had non-members enter the range. At best they get for free what everyone else pays for. At worst, we have had vandalism and disregard for range safety from these trespassers.
Please have your club ID cards with you when you are at the range. Officers will be checking to be sure that only members and guest of members are on the range. Guest MUST be accompanied by the sponsoring member. We recommend that if you are shooting solo or with a small group that you lock the gate behind you while using the Range. The World has more than a few "Strange Agents" these-days!!


We have had several instances of members exhibiting UNSAFE range use and gun handling! When using Pistol or Rifle Ranges members are expected to work together to insure SAFETY! Make The Line Safe when others need to visit the Target Line downrange. MAKE THE LINE SAFE! .. means all guns are to be unloaded, actions open, "grounded" and no gun handling until line is declared Hot! If your/another shooters report sounds "wrong", misfires or a squib load is fired.... Call CEASE FIRE!! That also means Make the Line Safe! .... make sure the bore is clear!
We don't have Range Safety Officers on duty so it is up to members to: SHOOT SAFE!!

On the Shotgun Fields make sure your gun is unloaded, action is open when not shooting and practice safe muzzle control. If having a gun malfunction, slow down and think twice before doing anything. If your/another shooters report sounds "wrong", misfires or a squib load is fired.... CEASE FIRE!! .... make sure the bore is clear!

SUNDAYS!! ............ No shooting until 12 NOON!!  

General Shotgun Rules

1. Eye and ear protection is required.

2. Rifles and handguns are prohibited on shotgun ranges.

3. #7.5 Shot is maximum size for Trap/Skeet.

4. Only clay targets will be used on shotgun ranges, except for the patterning board.

5. Hand operated traps are restricted to designated areas.

6. Keep your action open or bolt locked to rear until you are on station.

9. Do not move from one station to another with a loaded shotgun

10. Do not aim or shoot at another shooters target

11. Do not distract other shooters.

12. In case of gun or ammunition malfunction, the gun MUST be pointed down range until cleared.

13. Personnel will not operate Trap or Skeet equipment unless certified to do so by the Shotgun Director.

14. Police dropped hulls at the end of the round.  No hulls are to be picked up during a Skeet or Trap round. 

15. Only individuals that are shooting or pulling are permitted on the shotgun fields unless they have the permission of the range officer before the round begins.

16. No one under the age of 18 is allowed to shoot on the shotgun fields without the supervision of a parent, guardian, or designated adult.

17. Individuals that have never shot Trap or Skeet will be required to shoot at least their first round under the supervision of an experienced individual authorized by the Shotgun Director.

18. In all instances not covered by established safety rules, the decision and direction of the Range Master or Shotgun Director will be final. 

Trap Specific

1. Always walk behind the shooters when moving from the station 5 to station 1.

2. Shooting will not begin until all shooters are at their proper station.

3. Do not load your shotgun until all shooters are on station.  When the shooter is on the shooting station and ready to shoot and a delay occurs, such as equipment breakdown, the gun shall be opened and all shells extracted.

4. Load no more than 1 shell at Trap singles.  Load no more than 2 shells at Trap doubles.

5. Remain at your station until all shooters are finished and the command to move has been given.

6. Do not walk in FRONT of the trap house until the thrower has been de-cocked. 

Skeet specific

1. Do not load your shotgun until it is your turn to shoot and you are on the shooting station.   When the shooter is on the shooting station and ready to shoot and a delay occurs, such as equipment breakdown, the gun shall be opened and all shells extracted.

2. Load no more than 2 shells at Skeet stations 1 through 7.  Load no more than 1 shell at Skeet station 8.

3. Do not advance more than one-third of the way to the next shooting station until all shooters on the squad have completed the station.

4. Do not walk in FRONT of the low house until the thrower has been de-cocked. 


1. Shoot lead shot only.  No shot larger than #2.

2. No slugs will be fired at the patterning board.  Slugs WILL damage the board and there is danger of ricochet.  Fire slugs on the rifle range.

3. Warning:  Beware of ricochet!  Stand no closer than 15 yards from the board.


Click here to view or print a copy of the club By-Laws

Meetings First Monday in  Feb, may, Aug & Nov @ 7PM.

Every Tuesday/Thursday Trap shooting @ 1 PM. 


Saturday/Sunday Afternoon Skeet shooting @ 1 PM 






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