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Fostering knowledge, training, safety and fun in sport shooting!

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Cleburne County Shooting Club

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Basic Rules...

1. Always keep the gun pointed in a safe direction - down range.

2. Always keep the gun unloaded until ready to use.

3. Always keep your finger off the trigger until ready to shoot.

4. Be sure your gun is safe to operate.

5. Know how to use the gun safely.

6. Use only the correct ammunition for your gun.

7. Wear eye and ear protection as appropriate.

8. Know your target and what is beyond.

9. Never use alcohol or drugs before or while shooting.

10. Be aware that certain types of guns and many shooting activities require additional safety precautions.


We have had several instances of members exhibiting UNSAFE range use and gun handling! When using Pistol or Rifle Ranges members are expected to work together to insure SAFETY! Make The Line Safe when others need to visit the Target Line downrange. MAKE THE LINE SAFE! .. means all guns are to be unloaded, actions open, "grounded" and no gun handling until line is declared Hot! If your/another shooters report sounds "wrong", misfires or a squib load is fired.... Call CEASE FIRE!! That also means Make the Line Safe! .... make sure the bore is clear!
On the Shotgun Fields make sure your gun is unloaded, action is open when not shooting and practice safe muzzle control. If having a gun malfunction, slow down and think twice before doing anything. If your/another shooters report sounds "wrong", misfires or a squib load is fired.... CEASE FIRE!! .... make sure the bore is clear!

SUNDAYS!! ............ No shooting until 12 NOON!!  


Click here to view or print a copy of the club By-Laws

CCSC  Range Rules:

1. No alcoholic beverages allowed on Cleburne County Club property at any time. Any individual (member or guest) determined to be intoxicated or under the influence of alcohol or drugs will be denied the use of the range. If a member, the individual will be placed on probation and if a second offence occurs, will brought before the executive committee for a suspension hearing.

2. In the absence of a formal range officer, the member will be responsible for collecting the $5.00 range fee from the guest(s) and submitting to the Treasurer. A guest is any person not a member of the Cleburne County Shooting Club and not an immediate family member of the Club member as defined in the by-laws.

3. Hearing and eye protection will be worn at all times during firing.

4. There will be no smoking while on the firing line or forward of the firing line.

5. Range hours are 8:00 AM until hour before sunset Monday through Saturday.

6. Range hours on Sunday are 12:00 PM until hour before sunset.

7. Targets will be paper, glued, taped or stapled on cardboard backers.

8. Target holders will be wooden, placed in target sockets at the various distances.

9. Metal, glass, plastic containers, or target holders will not be used as targets.

10. With the exception of Law Enforcement personnel and Concealed Carry Holders, all firearms will be unloaded and cased when entering or leaving the range. If the duty or carry firearm is to be fired on the range, it will be unloaded and placed on the bench upon arrival at the firing line. It will not be placed back into duty or carry status until departure from the range. If not to be fired, it will remain in the holster at all times while on the range.

11. Automatic weapons are not allowed on the range, unless in the possession of a Law enforcement Officer or club member with the appropriate license to possess Class 3 Weapons. They will have on their person proper Identification or license to possess class 3 weapons. Automatic weapons will only be fired on the rifle range.

12. Firearms will not be handled when people are down range. Weapons will be made safe by removing magazines, slides locked open, actions open, load gate open and safety on if so equipped. A safety block will be used for weapons not equipped with bolt lock.

13. Immediately after completion of firing all brass will be picked up and placed in the appropriate container if not to be retained by the shooter. 

14. Targets, cardboard backer and holder will be placed back in the storage building upon completion of firing or when not in use.

15. Glass containers are not allowed on the range.

16. Juniors members must be accompanied by an adult member at all times.

17. A club officer or adult club member will serve as range officer.

18. There will be no shooting at any wildlife at any time. 


1. No rifles will be fired on the pistol range. 22/Black Powder Rifles may be used on "Action" side of Pistol Range.

2. Target holders will be placed in pre-set sockets

3. Paper targets glued, taped or stapled on cardboard backers will be used. Push pins, tacks, or nails will not be used to secure target to backer.

4. Handguns using high power rifle caliber’s will not be fired on the pistol range. They will be fired on the rifle range.

5. Immediately after completion of firing all brass will be picked up. If not retained by the shooter, the brass will be placed in the designated containers. All brass in the containers is the property of the club.

6. Targets and holders will be stored in appropriate containers.

7. Firing at target holders is prohibited and will be reported to the Executive committee for disciplinary action.

8. Firearms will not be handled while people are down range. Firearms will be unloaded and made safe by removing magazines, opening action or opening loading gate. A safety block will be used in all firearms without a slide lock or hold open device.

9. Tracer ammunition will not be fired on this range. 


1. Target holders will be placed in pre-set sockets only.

2. Only paper targets glued, taped or stapled on cardboard backers will be

3. Used. Push pins, tacks or nails will not be used to secure target to backer.

4. No sitting, standing or lying on rifle rest tables.

5. Rifles will be made safe by unloading and removing magazine, bolt will be locked to the rear and the safety will be applied and placed in racks during "Open" shooting.

6. Firearms without a bolt lock or hold open device will use a safety block to hold bolt to rear.

7. Armor piercing, tracer and incendiary ammunition will not be fired on this range.

8. 50 BMG Rifles are prohibited.


1. Rifles and handguns are prohibited on this range. #7.5 Shot is Maximum Size for Trap/Skeet.

2. Standard or environmentally safe clay targets will be used on this range.

3. Hand operated traps will be restricted to designated areas.

4. Shooting will not begin until all firers are at their proper station.

5. Shotgun will not be loaded until you are on station

6. Do not move from one station to another with a loaded shotgun

7. Always walk behind the firers when moving from the last station to number one station.

8. Do not aim at another firers target

9. Do not distract other firers.

10. Remain at your station until all firers are finished and the command to move has been given.

11. In the event of a misfire or hang fire keep your shotgun pointed over the range and clear immediately if possible. If the misfire or hang fire can not be cleared immediately, the firer will move to the rear (under the supervision of the range officer) and using the proper safety procedures will clear the firearm.

12. Keep your action open or bolt locked to rear until you are on station

13. Shotguns with Damascus or laminated barrels will not be used on the shotgun range unless competing in a black powder event.

14. Personnel will not operate trap or sheet equipment unless certified to do so by the Shotgun Director.




2. Responsible for range safety. Ensures members abide by all range regulations.

3. Shall designate an assistant range officer to run / operate other ranges as needed.

4. Shall coordinate and monitor all movement forward of the rifle and pistol firing lines. This will be communicated to the personnel on the shotgun ranges to ensure a safe environment is maintained at all times.

5. Shall immediately stop all flagrant violations of range regulation. These will be reported to the executive committee for appropriate action if continued.

6. Shall take immediate action to correct minor violations of range regulation.

7. Ensure sign is posted at entrance notifying members firing is in progress and range flag is flying over active ranges.

8. Shall supervise range to ensure safe and efficient operation.

9. Shall be responsible for a general police of equipment and brass at the completion of the shooting day.

10. Shall remove the daily sign in/out sheet and forward with any fees to the treasurer.1


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