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Tue/Thur Trap/Skeet Winter Hours 1 PM!

Note! Skeet tends to be a Sunday Thang. Trap on Tu/Th ... but if enough interest "Shows-Up" we will try to accommodate!

NOTE 2!!

Saturday Skeet 1 PM.

Skeet Times: On the first Saturday of October, which is the 7th, Skeet will move to 1:00 PM (that's 13:00) for winter schedule. The early change is necessary because the morning sun is now at a low angle, making it very difficult to see the bird at stations 1 and 2.  Sunday Skeet remains at 1:00 PM. Trap  at 1:00 PM Tuesdays and Thursdays  We invite everyone to come and participate. We will help you if you have not done shotgun sports before. 

Skeet requires a shotgun that can fire 2 shells without reloading. Skeet chokes are best, but Cylinder or Improved Cylinder will work.  #9 or #8 shot is preferred but # 7 1/2 will work.
Trap requires only 1 shot at a time. A Full choke is best, but modified will work. #7 1/2 Shot for Trap is best.  #8 works too.
As usual, eye and ear protection is required.
email for more information.

Trap & Skeet Info


General information:   Please bring your own lunch. Water and drinks will be available for purchase. There is a portable toilet available on the range. There is no clubhouse facility on the range.

Location and Directions: The range is located on the Hwy 25 bypass South of Heber Springs, 200 yards East of the Hwy 25 Business turnoff. The range is on the North side of the road.
On Match Dates the gate will be open

For information contact:
write...CCSC Secretary, P. O. Box 1138, Heber Springs, AR 72543

Shotgun Average Cards 

Shotgun average cards are available from the Shotgun Director.  Skeet and trap scores are maintain on separate cards, if you shoot both events you will need two cards. Shotguns shooters must have and maintain an average card.  These cards will serve as your classification for Club Shoots.  The average card and Club shoots will be use to determine the High Overall at the end of the shooting year which ends 1 Nov 04.  If you donít have a Cleburne County shooting Club, shotgun average card you will be place in the highest class for Club shoots. 

Cleburne County Shooting Club, shotgun average cards, will not serve as a classification for NSSA and ATA registered shoots.   

Cleburne County Shooting Club Classification for Club Trap and Skeet shoots will be as listed below: 

A= 90%-100%,  B= 85%-89.9%, C= 78%- 84.9%, D= under 78%   

Competitorís will/can be reclassified after each 200 Club Match Targets. Shotgun committee members will provide assistance completing your average card.

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